Open Skills Movement

Open Skills Movement (OSM) is a voluntary effort to focus skill development, in all walks of life, in the endeavour towards the promotion of a Knowledge Society

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Pillars of OSM


It is the familiarity, awareness and understanding of information and facts acquired, and the skills gained through education and experience. We facilitate the process of knowledge generation and acquisition. Knowledge is power and we endeavour to empower people.


It is the ability to carry out a task acquired through training or experience. General skills include life-skills and soft-skills whereas specific skills include employability skills including technical and vocational skills, related to specific trade or profession. We promote skills development.


It is the practical application of knowledge for problem solving, scientifically, through invention, innovation, technical processes and methods resulting in new or improved goods and services. We provide and promote technological applications leading to entrepreneurship.


It is the capacity, willingness and acumen to design, develop and deliver a business venture by taking calculated risk for producing goods and services. We promote entrepreneurs who are not only productive but also conscious and concerned of society and environment.


Bricks of OSM

INTEGRATED KNOWLEDGE CENTERS They are the open access centers for sharing, acquiring, and incubating, Knowledge, Skills, Technology and Enterprises. If you have any or many of these and the acumen, you are welcome to be a part of the projects or programmes in promoting IKCs. Click to Know More..
PROCESSES, PRODUCTS & SERVICES We believe that, access, acquisition and application of Skills require, learning the processes, developing and promoting products and services. If you have any or all of these, you are welcome to design, develop and deliver goods and services under PPS. Click to Know More..
DATA, INFORMATION, KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS It is the repository of data, information, knowledge and skills which you can access. It is the key to productivity and we endeavour to organize them for you acquire, understand and apply for individual and societal benefit. Click to Know More..
TRAINING, CAPACITY BUILDING & ORGANISATIONAL DEVELOPMENT For running IKCs, promoting PPS and building ODIKS repository, training and capacity building of individuals, groups and organisations are essential. We build and promote teams and you are welcome to be part of it. Click to Know More..
PROMOTERS, PARTNERS AND ASSOCIATES It is the team of individuals, groups and agencies wedded with the philosophy of OSM. Organisations from Academic to Business, partner with us in promoting Skills Development. You are welcome to play a key role in this endeavour. Click to Know More..
SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP We strongly believe in entrepreneurship in bringing a productive change in the society, powered by skill development. Venturing with products and services which are socially and environmentally sound, we believe to create value and assist incubation of social enterprises. Click to Know More..