At OSM, we believe in not only delivering the products and services but also the processes, in the endeavour on achieving our vision. We give importance to the processes, ' means are more important than the ends'. Hence we build databases for Process, Products and Services and review them periodically.

Processes include all those efforts and activities towards skill development of individuals, groups and agencies. Some of them are, training and capacity building activities for setting up Integrated Knowledge Centers, and other socially conscious and environmentally sound Enterprises.

Products include the ICT tools and technologies primarily of the open source hardware and software, production equipments and similar, cutting across sectors, for promoting business ventures.

Services include skill based professional services offered in order to carry out the processes, install the hardware, equipments, accessories while setting the social enterprise on the track.

IKCs will function as hubs for linking knowledge and skills of technocrats with the entrepreneurs. They serve as networking and supply chain hubs for resources both hardware and human. eRiders, who are professionals in the ICT arena would be engaged gainfully for carrying out the process, delivery and installation of the products and extending the professional services.
Similarly trained professionals from across different sectors like agriculture, construction, micro finance, industries and many more will assist the entrepreneurs with their professional expertise. OSM would promote skill training across sectors to pool in skilled professionals under each IKC so as to make their services available to the entrepreneurs from their locality.