About - Open Skills Movement


Open Skills Movement (OSM) is a voluntary effort to focus skill development, in all walks of life, in the endeavour towards the promotion of a Knowledge Society. We, believe that, knowledge without skill leads to apathy and hence, skill development must be prioritized and receive precedence. Problem at the roots of development is poverty and knowledge and skills alone reset in development. Hence entrepreneurial motivation is necessary. Hence we on the OSM strive to achieve this. The intersection of the all three is what we desire to solve all the problems of development. We strongly believe in the power of ICT in function life a fulcrum of a simple machine and leverage if for lifting the problem of an employment under employment, employment in disguise and unproductive employment (a menace) in this modern society. Even the employed are lacking skills and likely hot to be worried about upgrading their skills, as long as focused or job security is there. This is another key reason for propping up of all blocks on the way to development of this nation.

Inspired by the concept of social entrepreneurship and the software freedom, we have desired to leverage, with ICTs for bring the desired change. So the strategy is ICT enabled skills development, with prioritized, focus on employability skills. We are attracted by the modular employability skills concept now widely adopted by the Planning Commission we desire to train and build the capacity of individuals groups and organizations through our training programmes.

Team Leader (TL)

Who is a knowledge able person, mostly a teacher who knows the subject, people, and knowledge in ICTs. TL shall be coordinating both technical and content development groups.

Technical Group (TG)

E-Riders are members of the technical group. At present we have identified three key work domains for these techies. The domains are:

  1. OSNET - Operating Systems & Networking
  2. DCSYS - Data Base Management Systems (DBMS) & Learning-Content Management Systems (LCMS)
  3. MMAUT - Multimedia & Course Authoring Systems

Content Developers (CD)

They are the Subject Matter Experts (SME), who have good knowledge and command over subjects under various disciplines. Usually they are the teachers and elders from the society. However we encourage youth and children also, to write.

E-Entrepreneurs (eEPs)

This is the flagship breed of Young Social Entrepreneurs, whom we aim at promoting across the nation. They will be managing one or more teams in one or multiple localities. They will be identifying specific skills required for their locality and ensure skilled manpower is available by building those skills or mobilize skilled manpower based on feasibility. This skill identification and skill training will be modularized as envisaged in the 'Modular Employability Skill' programme by the Director General of Employment and Training, Ministry of Labour, Government of India. The need and demand for specific skill training programme will emerge from the grass roots and they will be managed by the eEPs.

Skill Training Programmes (STP)

OSM would make all efforts to build content and training modules to train all members of this group. It depends purely on the interest of the volunteers to make best use of this movement for their individual and social benefit. They can choose their subject of interest for getting trained initially. They can also look for multi-skills and learn other subject areas one after the other. It would be quiet interesting to note that anyone can acquire any of the skills and play the roles. It all depends on the individual's interest and capability.

It is important to note that OSM is not just all about Skill Training in Computers and Networking. As already stated, it is just a strategy to enter into the arena. Skill Training and Entrepreneurship in all walks of life is the primary objective. Programmes for Skill Training in my sectors are on the pipeline. This includes, Tissue Culture (for Agriculture), Carpentry, Construction, Counselling (Psychology), Teaching, and many more...!!!

Emerging Roots

Now the desire is if such teams are available in every village, then content production can be instantaneous. This could be a platform for the social change that we wanted to achive in our fourey towards a just society equitable social a knowledge society and a free society.

How about the operational aspects of such a big huge dream with limited or no resources? This interesting and important question. The answer is logical. If social enterprenurship model is followed, it is possible to generate resources.