Under the social entrepreneurship ideology, IKCs are being promoted. They are organizationally integrated and functionally free entrepreneurial units with shareholding on their investment. At any point of time, OSM or its associates shall not have more than 49% of the total shares of the centre.
It is for facilitating independent functioning of these centers. IKCs shall be managed by individuals, groups or organizations wedded with the philosophy of social entrepreneurship and could be Partnership or Limited Liability Partnership firm.


In creating a Knowledge Society, IKCs play a key role. Some of the functions envisaged for the centers include the following.

  1. Primary purpose is to create, store and disseminate, data, information, knowledge and promote skills formation, development and up-gradation.
  2. Design and develop, maintain and deliver, database and knowledge base systems and services.
  3. Promote skills development of workers and professionals for different sectors of economy.
  4. Design, develop and deliver e-learning courses which are locally relevant as well as provide access to the courses of OSM
  5. and its associates.
  6. Function as Common Service Centre for government as well as private agencies, projects and services.
  7. Equip and carryout Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES).
  8. Promote skill training courses, programmes and projects.
  9. Facilitate execution of various projects and boot camps of OSM and its associates.
  10. Function as a knowledge hub for education, environmental protection and economic development in their locality
  11. Function as a social enterprise creating resources and value and become self sustaining unit.