Software Development Services

SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT SERVICES (SDS) is one of the key Associates of Open Skills Movement. The support for hardware, firmware and software are extended by SDS.

It aims at developing a strong skill base at the grass roots for meeting the last mile connectivity for the hardware, firmware and software supply chain. More so it strives to build the database and present a platform for skilled human resource for ensuring processes, products and services related hardware and software.

We believe in open technologies and hence promote them. eRiders of the OSM is technically supported by the SDS. It is a professional agency engaged in customised software development and client support. SDS offers product and service facility where customized applications can be incubated. We endevour to support social enterprises and movements aiming at brining a sea change in the society.

We work towards integrated web service applications, that work seamless with any platform like desktop, server, cloud, VM, mobile, satellite/cable TV, play stations and game consoles, and the associated platforms. Applications like e-learning, e-commerce, e-enterprises and similar others can be developed with the aim of seamless operations in all platforms. With OSM we aim at building the programming skills of individuals, especially the budding young professionals. We are wedded with the vision of OSM in building distributed skills across geography to meets the needs of the people. We are also working on development of products and services to meet the felt needs of the society especially in the consumer electronics arena, trying to solve the problems through embedded systems and integrating appliances and making them smart at no cost or at least low cost.

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